1 a : a sulfate of any of various metals (as copper, iron, or zinc); especially : a glassy hydrate of such a sulfate b : OIL OF VITRIOL
2 : something felt to resemble vitriol especially in caustic quality;
especially : virulence of feeling or of speech
- vit·ri·ol·ic /"vi-trE-'ä-lik/ adjective

Source: Merriam-Webster Online

Now that the "FUN" is over I can look forward to less spam, more comercial's for soap and less of these crazy images that polute my preciose river of downloads. Never mind what I mean by "the River" but these thing appear in places where they have no place (Like porn at a grade school). I'm a 1st ammendment fanatic but... I didn't shed a tear when Timothy McVeigh died and I won't when Micheal Moore does as well.


Any way here are a few of the wierd things I've been putting up with -- Enjoy, or Suffer...


If your asking yourself where are the anti-Bush things. I guess Blue people don't polute my part of the river.


PS If you would like to see some of your vitriol posted here email it to me at



From the David Letterman Show

Top Ten John Kerry Excuses

10. Voters were in a fever-induced haze because they couldn't get flu shots.
9. Floridians confused by shockingly unconfusing ballots.
8. Maybe it wasn't best idea to begin speeches with "yo mama is so fat" jokes.
7. The endorsement from Osama Bin Laden didn't exactly help him.
6. "Dude--it's the Curse of the Bambino."
5. Should've campaigned more in New Mexico, less in regular Mexico.
4. Turns out voters think it's hot that Cheney has a lesbian daughter.
3. Thought America was ready for a lunatic first lady.
2. Voters seem to really like a weak economy and a badly-run war.
1. Was distracted by late night erotic phone calls from Bill O'Reilly.

Top Ten Ways George W. Bush Celebrated His Reelection

10. Eliminated tax cut for 55 million Americans who voted for Kerry.
9. Went trippin' on a handful of Cheney's heart pills.
8. Thanked voters from all 59 states.
7. Splurged on the endless shrimp special at Red Lobster.
6. Pretended not to notice his father's envious weeping.
5. Dug out tapes of some of his favorite Texas executions.
4. You know, the usual--watching wrasslin' and eating yodels.
3. Immediately started planning his 2008 reelection bid.
2. Told prison guards to give Saddam an extra tasering.
1. Asked for Laura's help with a very different bulge under his suit.


Final Word

If you have enjoyed any of this -- shame on you.

Politicians are all the same -- Human.

If the opposition to a man resorts to vitriolic invectives then they discredit themselves.