So your system doesn't sound the way they said it would? Lots of equipment, and no one to hook it all up? Finally ready for a background music
system? No problem, we can help. Making things sound the way they should is one of the things we do the very best. From pre-construction design &
installation, to those three hour "wow, I can't believe it sounds this good" service calls, we deliver what most people can only promise. And because
most of our equipment is strictly special order, the stuff we recommend will meet your own individual needs [instead of just freeing up shelfspace in the
warehouse.] By priding ourselves on "doing things right the first time," we can rest assured that your sound system will make you smile every time you
turn it on.

Our designs and installs include only the finest in Audio Equipment. We have access to any and every piece of gear that you'll need from the following
Companies and more:

Midas Digidesign Telex Tannoy
BiAmp EV AKG Dynacord
Audix Auralex Lexicon CAD
Behringer Rane Allen & Heath Crown
Tascam Sennheiser Mackie Shure
Ashly Roland Martin Audio TEAC